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What to do when an employee gets injured at work

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, contact 911.

Prior authorization is not required for emergency treatment but the supervisor should inform the SSIF as soon as possible at 785‐296‐2364.

Email SSIF sehbp.wc1101a@ks.gov

  1. Obtain Prior authorization for medical care, by calling the 24/7 Nurse Triage line at 1-833-756-2007.
    Note: If it is a life or a limb-threatening emergency, get the employee to the closest medical provider as soon as possible.

  2. Complete an electronic Employer's Report of Accident via the SSIF web portal and submit it as soon as possible to the SSIF. All other documentation, such as Physician’s notes or return to work slips, may be emailed to wc1101a@ks.gov.
    Note: All emails containing Protected Health Information (PHI) such as physician’s notes, medical reports, etc. must be sent securely. If you do not have a secure email delivery mechanism, you may use SEHBP’s Office365 secure email delivery server to send encrypted emails to SSIF.

  3. Refer any medical provider to the State Self Insurance Fund at (785) 296-2364 if they contact you for authorization of medical care.

  4. Submission of the electronic Employer’s Report of Accident does not mean that the employee has been approved for Workers Compensation. The SSIF will investigate the claim once they have received the electronic Employer’s Report of Accident and determine compensability.

  5. Refer the employee to this website for pertinent information about Workers Compensation.
    Note: If they don’t have ready access to the website, please print out the  Frequently Asked Questions and the Information for Employees  PDF version for them. You may also refer them to the SSIF at (785) 296-2364.

  6. Determine if any restrictions given by the medical provider to an injured employee receiving medical care can be accommodated. If an employee is missing work due to a work-related injury and you haven’t received any information from the medical provider, contact the employee and obtain a copy of the work release or restrictions.

  7. Keep the SSIF informed of any changes in the status of an injured worker. This includes changes in work restrictions, if they begin missing work, or return to work.

  8. When the employee is eligible to receive Workers Compensation disability benefits, they may want to supplement it with vacation or sick leave. Please contact the SSIF if you have questions about the SHARP adjustments.

  9. IMPORTANT: Employees who receive Workers Compensation are NOT eligible for Shared Leave for the same medical condition. If you have questions about Workers Compensation and how it interacts with the Family Medical and Leave Act, you may contact the SSIF.

  10. Contact the SSIF whenever you have questions about any aspect of handling a work-related injury. The phone number is (785) 296-2364 and the fax is 785-296-6995. If you know who the adjuster is for a particular claim, you may contact them directly.


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