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Prescription Management Program

The program is initiated as soon as the employee reports the injury and wants to go to the doctor for treatment:

  • Complete the electronic Employer’s Report of Accident within 24 hours to the SSIF via the SSIF web portal. All other documentation, such as Physician’s notes or return to work slips, may be emailed to wc1101a@ks.gov
    Note: All emails containing Protected Health Information (PHI) such as the Employer’s Report of Injury, physician’s notes, medical reports, etc. must be sent securely. If you do not have a secure email delivery mechanism, you may use SEHBP’s Office365 secure email delivery server to send encrypted emails to SSIF.

  • A First Fill Letter will be provided at the time of call with the 24/7 Nurse Triage line.

  • Complete the top portion of the  First Fill Letter with the injured employee's Name, Date of Birth, and Date of Injury (if not already provided by the 24/7 Nurse Triage line).

  • Print off a copy of the completed First Fill Letter and give it to the employee.

  • Instruct the employee to give the  First Fill Letter, along with any prescription the doctor may prescribe to treat the injury, to the participating pharmacy.
    Note: Remember to inform the employee that the First Fill letter is only good for 24 hours after receipt and is only for their FIRST prescription(s) following the injury. The letter can only be used for prescription medications related to this injury.

  • Be aware that payment for the prescription may be denied within 5 days if the State Self Insurance Fund does not receive the electronic Employer’s Report of Accident.

  • As soon as the electronic Employer’s Report of Accident SSIF Web Portal Link) is received by the State Self Insurance Fund, compensability will be determined.

  • If the claim is accepted, the prescription will be approved and the injured employee will receive a Corvel prescription drug card in 3 to 4 days. The employee should use the Corvel Prescription Drug Card for any medication related to the injury that is prescribed by the treating physician.

  • If the claim is not compensable, the employee will receive a letter in the mail indicating that it has been denied and that the employee will need to submit any bills related to the denied claim to their health plan provider.

  • The employee’s Corvel Prescription Drug Card will remain valid for up to six months or as soon as the doctor releases the employee from care or the claim is deemed non-compensable. If medical treatment extends beyond a six-month period, the employee’s prescriptions may be transferred to a mail-order program. State Self Insurance Fund staff will handle this transfer.

  • A Corvel Prescription Drug Card will be issued for each new date of injury. Employees with two injury dates requiring medications will be issued two Corvel cards.

  • For assistance please contact the State Self Insurance Fund at 785-296-2364 or Corvel toll-free at 1-800-563-8438.

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