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What if the injury is not an emergency but the employee wants to seek medical attention?

The State Self Insurance Fund is legally entitled to choose the treating physician. If an employee self‐selects a doctor and does not have prior authorization for treatment from the 24/7 Nurse Triage line, the SSIF will only be responsible for the first $500 in unauthorized medical bills from the self‐selected physician(s) once the injury has been found compensable.

It’s a good practice to receive prior authorization by calling the 24/7 Nurse Triage line at 1-833-756-2007 before sending the employee to the doctor in non‐emergency situations to assist in determining compensability.

Please note that all phoned-in reports must be followed up with a completed electronic Employer’s Report of Injury within 24 hours.  The State Self Insurance Fund does not guarantee that any doctor visit will be covered until compensability is determined.

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